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City of Hastings

Hastings City HallOn behalf of the City of Hastings, We extend a warm welcome and thank you for your interest in our charming community. The Economic Development Committee of the Barry County Area Chamber of Commerce has prepared this information to acquaint you with our fair City, and the surrounding Barry County area. We are proud of our two-hundred and fifty-seven lakes, our museums and historical attractions, our golf courses, our State, County and City parks, and the community events that make Hastings a desirable place to visit and live.

Long standing companies and retailers provide Hastings residents with goods, services, and employment. Many of these businesses have thrived in our community for well over a century.     

Come and Discover the City of Hastings!

Whether you are considering starting a business in the Hastings community, moving to the area, or just coming for a visit, we welcome you to meet the people that make the local businesses successful, the historical homes beautiful, and our downtown thrive. We are a diverse community made up of dedicated, talented and hard working citizens who continue to strive willingly and enthusiastically to make Hastings one of the best small towns in America!

Train DepotWe Treasure the Old, Progress with the New

The value embedded in the City of Hastings' logo, "We treasure the old, progress with the new," appropriately describes the commercial environment here in Hastings. The core business district exhibits 19th century architecture for marry of the building facades, while a modern 28 acre mall lies just 1/4 mile west of the downtown. Many national franchise outlets extend the commercial district another mile to the west. There are specialty shops, craft outlets, and 27 restaurants in the City that feature diverse menus with all types of Midwest and ethnic selections. Realtors and stock brokers provide for the needs of a growing community. A locally owned hardware store provides a host of products from their four separate retail establishments. The Felpausch Corporation, a regional retail food chain with over 20 grocery stores, maintains their corporate headquarters here in downtown Hastings.

The Hastings Downtown Development authority has funded several major projects to improve the downtown business district, including numerous parking lot renovations and landscaping improvement projects, streetscape and roadway construction, the placement of seasonal banners and pedestrian amenities along our commercial corridors and many other exciting and beneficial projects. Unlike some communities that have seen retail districts declining, the City of Hastings boasts a vibrant, healthy and growing retail business community.


Visionary business entrepreneurs, generous citizens, and responsive government, all have made their contribution to the establishment and growth of the Hastings community. It started in 1836 when three enterprising gentlemen named Dibble, Kingsbury, and Kendall purchased the 480 acre town site from Detroit banker Eurotas P Hastings for $3,000.00. They platted the land into streets and offered inducements to attract settlers. Water-powered gristmills and sawmills were soon constructed along Fall Creek. In 1841, a wooden schoolhouse was built just east of the present library.

By 1848, the population was sufficient to warrant stagecoach service connecting the new town with Grand Rapids and Battle Creek.  Assurance of future importance came when the State legislature designated Hastings as the County Seat of Barry County in 1843. As air travel became commonplace, a City Airport was placed in operation in 1947. Population of the City grew to 6,501 by 1960, and remained relatively level at 6,549 in 1990.


The City of Hastings is now a community of 7,095 congenial citizens in the year of 2000, located in a rural area within convenient driving distance of four major metropolitan areas. The City has a rich history of industrial development, with four companies providing jobs to area citizens for many years. There are 37 manufacturing firms in Hastings with a total of 2042 employees. The industries represented by these companies include plastics, automotive machinery and components, commercial sprinkler systems, industrial press equipment, recreational sports equipment, aerospace and stone finishing. A 44,600 square foot industrial incubator provides flexible leasing accommodations for manufacturing and office space to start-up enterprises. The incubator is operated by the City of Hastings along with a 40 acre municipal industrial park. The Hastings Industrial Park on Enterprise Drive provides affordable land for business expansion, as well as housing a modern facility, recently constructed by a private developer that offers additional commercial and industrial space for lease.

A Local Development Finance Authority has been established to fund improvements to the industrial areas of the City.  Numerous Community Development Block grants have been secured to expand the industrial infrastructure necessary to accommodate the needs of the expanding industrial firms that have blossomed and thrived throughout our community. A Waterfront Grant has recently been awarded to the City by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The grant will fund construction of the initial phase of a boardwalk and park along the Thornapple River on the Industrial Incubator site, providing convenient access to a pristine natural setting peacefully coexisting with economically vital industrial development.

Financial Services

Three banks, two of which are locally owned, serve the Hastings Community. Hastings City Bank, MainStreet Savings Bank and the Chemical Bank of Hastings provide a full range of financial services. Three credit unions, Thornapple Valley Community Credit Union, NuUnion Credit Union and Grand Valley Community Credit Union, all have local offices here in Hastings.

Pennock HospitalHealth Care

Since a modest beginning in 1923, Pennock Hospital has emerged as one of the most respected hospitals in West Michigan. Dramatic improvements have been accomplished by combining a high-caliber, 1005 board eligible/certified medical staff with state-of-the-art technology and an outstanding healthcare team of qualified, caring individuals. Pennock provides comprehensive medical care as well as a complete Health and Wellness Center, drive thru/walk-in pharmacy, Homecare Services, Sleep Disorder Center, After Hours Walk-in Clinic and last but not least, Retirement Living! If you're looking for more than just a hospital, you've found it right here in Hastings.

Hastings Public Schools

The Hastings Area School System is a leader in a partnership with the residents and organizations of the community.

Individual schools are partnered with a community business or agency. Hastings Area High School has an excellent working relationship with the local campus of Kellogg Community College, arranging for many students to have dual enrollment.

Each of the seven schools in the Hastings Area School System has a School Improvement team. The System's Planning Council, which is a district-wide school improvement team, coordinates the activities of the individual building teams. The System Planning Council is also responsible for recommending a strategic plan for the Hastings Area Schools to the Board of Education. Professional development funds have been used to facilitate the implementation of the Strategic School improvement plan, with particular emphasis on literary training.

Hastings High School offers a college-preparatory program including several advanced placement courses and foreign language instruction, a comprehensive career-technical-vocational training program and classes in the visual, musical, and performing arts.

The Hastings School System is competitive in education, and a leader in our progressive community.

Fish HatcheryRecreation

The City owns and operates five beautiful municipal parks. The newest and busiest is Fish Hatchery Park, a site for concerts, softball games, tennis matches, soccer tournaments, basketball games, picnics or a friendly game of horseshoes. Tyden Park, located very near downtown, with the Thornapple River winding peacefully through it, is currently undergoing an exciting expansion and beautification project. Grants from the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Environmental Quality will be used to develop a linear park along the Thornapple River that will ultimately extend throughout the City.


Hastings will continue to deserve the title "best small town," for the foreseeable future. You can see it in the vibrant downtown retail district, the healthy and growing industrial facilities in the area, and in the new Community Center rising adjacent to the High School. You can sense it at meetings of the Barry County Futuring and Leadership Committee, where Volunteer citizens meet regularly to discuss problems and opportunities and to act in concert with government and business.

The planners and doers of the past made possible this "best small town" of today. Their successors intend to see that the title is just as well deserved tomorrow.

Hastings Profile

Area: 5.3 square miles
Area Population: 10,000 (approx.)
Altitude: 790 ft. above sea level
Climate: Average annual temperature (over a ten year period) 48 degrees F., Winter Low 23.6, Summer High 71.8, Rainfall 46.1 inches, Snowfall 48.6 inches.
Government: Elected Mayor and eight City Council Members. Appointed City Manager.
Public Safety: Full-time Fire Chief, full-time personnel, augmented by volunteers. Hastings Chief of Police, City Police Department / 15 full-time personnel (+) reserves.
Enhanced 911 Service is in operation.

City of Hastings
201 E. State St.
Hastings, MI 49058
City e-mail
City web site


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